Thursday, December 6, 2007

the world

i was watching tihs movie the other day about aid work and i was almsot crying just becasue its something i wanna do so much. its a really weird feeling, i just feel so excited and shit , i just want to get out there into the world and start my life, i dont want to go to uni (got my txt books today). oi i have a really good book for you to read if you havent already "tommo and hawk" by bryce courtenay. excellent read, its taken me since christmas but you know. anyways i gotta go, im going to bed to read my new book, i got work tomorrow so im haivng and early one.

so your visa and shit. well if it doesnt happen, im coming to visit you for sure. i was tlaking to mikayla about and we are definatley coming to see you for your birthday. speaking of birthdays, i was on the train the other day on the way back from big day out and john sat down next to me, we had a good chat about you guys and mitchey. i think im going to his 20th with chantay, stal and rash? not sure but. i have been really tight with this guy, michael aka pill man, and i think he likes me but im not attracted to him at all, but i have been getting really good deals lately. yeah well he went to court today and got off with onyl 18 months probation and his licence suspended for 7, and that was for 2 counts trafficking, possesion, driving under the influence and a whole heap od traffic infringements, pretty fucknig lucky hey?

missing mama

mum is in indonesia and is breaking my heart, she keeps texting me and emailing me, she is so lonely and there is nothing for her to do over there as they put her in shit accomodation with no facilities and no one speaks english and she is the only one in her class. breaks my heart, i miss hert so much. as for mark, i dont even tlak to him anymore, its like he is really dissapointed in me and damien and just doesnt care what we do anymore, like we broke him or something. hes onto us, i have tripped out in front of numerous family members now and a couple of us were busted having a sesh and leaving the hashish out. i have a feeling that i have gone too far but i dont want to stop, life here is boring, its too hard to organise shit and i hate having to plan everything, its fucked.